Ohai, there! My name is Chelsey, and I am the giant dork whose privilege it is to bear life to Pantry Parables. But please let me explain…

I’m a nerd and I’m a geek– a smith of words…a baking freak!! 
I love to write, I love to rhyme; I’m in the kitchen all the time.
Chocolate here, or toffee there– I take confections every where.
From Middle Earth (my hobbit hole), I bake with heart, with love, with soul.
So come along where you can hear a story stacked on every tier;
my cakes and cookies burst with life– their tales are full of conquered strife!
Read a quest amidst the batter, learn a lesson on the platter;
question values in the dough, I just have to have to know…
My stories, sure, they may be long (and sometimes hard to keep along);
but I can promise by the end, you’ll find it’s worth the time you spend.
We can laugh or we can cry; we’ll bake a cake, a tart, or pie;
we can sing or we can dance…won’t you please give me a chance??


Still have no idea what I’m talking about?? Well, in a chocolate-coated nutshell, this blog is all about sharing a love of food through an equal love of fables. Whether they be anecdotal stories, life-lessons, tall-tales, or the like, Pantry Parables are my way of creatively writing and digressing my face off while still making the experience utterly delicious for my reader. Some stories are real and others are fake…but in the end…WE ALL GET CAKE!!! So…interested??

❤ Chelsey


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